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Talks for Therapists

Expand your Understanding

All of the methods and techniques we use as Therapists ultimately produce change from their affects on the Brain, Mind and Body. After my therapy training, I was keen to understand more of the science behind why!

I found that more knowledge about aspects of Neuroanatomy, Neuroscience, Psychology and Physiology really helped me to become a better therapist. Being able to give clearer explanations to clients about the problems they are experiencing in their Mind and Body, really helps too.

I have been delivering talks to demystify the science behind therapy to groups at the Transformations School of Clinical Hypnosis, since 2014. Some of the feedback I've received, and subjects that I've covered in my "A therapists Guide to ..." talks, are given in the sections below.

If you or your group would be interested in any talks / presentations, the length (from one hour to a full day), content, and method of delivery (live or via Zoom / Teams) can be fully tailored to your requirements.

Costs vary dependent on time, location and the number of attendees, so feel free to contact me without any obligation for a chat.

    Examples of Topics covered in my        "Therapists Guide to ..." presentations

The Brain, Neurotransmitters
             and Habits

Sleep Science and Therapy

Perception, Attention and Memory

The Mind-Body connection

The Autonomic Nervous System and the Polyvagal Theory

Stress, Anxiety and Resilience

I really enjoyed your teaching and took a lot from the lessons. I feel really inspired for the first time in quite some time. So, thanks!

Graeme Cummack

Steve has the rare ability not only to take very complex subject understandable but also make it useful and relevant

Steve Bonham
Award-winning Psychologist and author.

I just wanted to say thank you for your last session. You have covered many areas on such a very difficult topic and you answered some very complex questions too! … I think you need to start writing your book as there is definitely a gap in the market for you

Nicky Ball
Teacher / Hypnotherapist

Fantastic! Very knowledgeable, Great lay out of course / info. and great delivery. Very happy! 

Joti Parrish
Yoga teacher / Hypnotherapist

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