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Talks for 
Groups and Businesses

Inform, Motivate, Inspire, Help

The members of your group, or your employees, could benefit from a better understanding of some of the Health and Wellbeing issues that can affect us all. For example -


  • Stress Management and Resilience

  • Anxiety and Worry

  • Getting better Sleep

  • How to succeed in making Changes

  • More effective Communication

  • Blood pressure and Heart Health

Since 2017 I have been delivering talks for a major Health and Wellbeing company ( 7futures ), as well as independently. Those talks have involved both small and large groups from the Rail Industry (Network Rail, Wessex Rail, TRU, Chiltern, Colas Rail), Siemens, Harrow Council and the British Army.

If you feel that your group or business would benefit, then I can design talks / presentations / workshops, with the content tailored to your requirements (I've listed some of the topics that I have previously covered below).

They can be scheduled to run from 40 mins to a full day, with high quality presentations and resources made available.


Costs will depend on the time required, location and the number of attendees. please get in touch if you'd like to discuss a project

Examples of Talks that I've 

Stress, Anxiety and Resilience

  • Stress, Resilience and Performance

  • Stress Reduction, Relaxation and Mindfulness 

  • Using your Mind and Body to build Resilience

  • Putting Anxiety and Worry in their Place

  • Worry Less ... It's just a Thought

Sleep and Fatigue
  • Sleep and Resilience

  • Getting Better Sleep

  • Not Sleeping well ... What can YOU do?

  • Managing Anxiety and Sleeplessness in the 'New Normal"

  • Fatigue and the Importance of Sleep

Habits / Change / Communication
  • Habits and Mental Fitness

  • How to change a Habit

  • Effective Communication

  • Active Listening

  • Listen More, Learn More, Achieve More

Talks to Businesses

Steve is an integral part of our team here at 7Futures. He is very knowledgeable - not only does he know the theoretical side, he knows how to put it into practice within a holistic model. This is done with care, empathy and with attention to detail.

Nathan Douglas
Organisational Wellbeing Lead,
Double Olympian

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